Monday, October 15, 2007

Savoury, Sweet, Earthy & Fruity......

By: Christopher Cruz

What is it? A very basic ingredient in Japan called Miso, a popular and widely consumed staple by the Japanese people and gaining popularity in the western world, because it is so easy to prepare and you could top it off with anything you want. Miso is a fermented soy bean, when ground the consistency is very thick, and it is characterized with salty flavor and sometimes fruity or sweet flavor. There are different kinds of Miso, from white, red, dark varities - all of which depends on which regions in Japan they are being produced. Although, the most common form of Miso you could find in North America is the salty flavored miso, the light and red ones. Rich in vitamins and minerals and very high in protein, and a versatile ingredient in flavoring stocks, vegetables, sauces, marinades, etc. Try my Japanese Miso Soup recipe.

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