Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Daily Fix

What completes my day should you ask, Nothing beats the day when you get off work and see your family at home .

As I was told, my son wakes up the exact time from his afternoon nap and starts asking for everyone. Around two o' clock in the afternoon, Kaden would be up and knows I'm coming home soon. By the time he hears the sound of my keys while opening the door, I could sense him running towards the door and hear him say "daddy".

As soon as he see me, he'll say "gofee" which is "coffee" and he won't stop till' you actually make one. What amuses me is he knows the actual procedure of brewing, from rinsing the carafe and pouring it in a cup. It's really flattering seeing my son at 19 months old, knows how to make a good cup of joe.
Another part of our daily doze is showing him our collection of photos from the laptop with "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" by AC/DC on the background (don't ask why), while drinking his milk. After that, we move on to his nursery jam, do a little dance then grab his favorite book called, "Green Eggs & Ham - Dr. Seus". Which I remember, I made breakfast for him one saturday morning with my own impression of green eggs and ham, but I called it "egg omelette & ham", I couldn't use spinach when I made it that day because of E.coli scarce. Gladly, as much as he enjoyed listening and looking at the cartoons from the book, he finished his meal without any resistance

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