Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Long Road To Chefdom........(continuation)

The first day of work was exciting, I was a little bit skittish, I didn't know what I am going to be doing. It is a big change from restaurant to a 4 star hotel. I assumed that working in the hotel industry has less screw up immunity, and the chef is likely similar to my drill sergeant. Although, I was wrong with my
perception about the chef, he wasn't the way I thought he was but making a lot of mistakes are not strongly tolerated, so you have to be attentive.

So it was my lucky day, our chef told me that I will be wearing my whites for that night and help them plate for 75 persons (my ears were flapping when I heard that). Plating food for seventy-five people is somewhat easy, not to mentions that all the cooking are done, all we have to do is get the food out of the kitchen and let the servers do their job. What I have learned from that night was, communication and timing are always a crucial part of plating food. You have to interact with the banquet staffs, they are the one that signals the kitchen that on this given time, guests are ready to be served. Timing is crucial, the food has to be served at their right temperature, from the hors d'ouvres to soups and more importantly the entrees. When we're down with the last course (guess what?), desserts was actually easy getting it done. So synchronization with everyone will help speed up the delivery.

I never thought it was 10 pm already, I was having fun doing it. There were extra meals prepared just in case for some mishaps, fortunately everything went well, so everyone got a treat for the night.

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